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Buyer Experience Report: Gongcha

             This report aims to analyze how Matcha With Azuki Beans utilizes the Marketing Mix to influence consumers on purchases. The report also notices and generally analyses the Brand Positioning and the consistency of the Marketing Mix Strategy in Australia's beverage market. The "Marketing Mix" comprises of the four Ps – Product, Place, Price and Promotion. Put simply, "Brand Position" is the process building long-term loyalty to ensure consumers purchase one's products in preference to others. The information used in this report refers to my own purchase at the Gongcha store on Swanson Street, Melbourne CBD on Monday March 14th, 2016.
             2. ANALYSIS OF 4Ps MARKETING MIX .
             The product is often called Matcha Milk With Azuki Bean, also known as Matcha Red Bean. Gongcha promotes this product as a healthy drink made of matcha bubble milk and red beans. This product is in the "Beverages" category, "Mixed Drinks" sub-category, and "Bubble Tea" sub-sub-category.
             2.2. THE 4Ps ANALYSIS.
             2.2.1. PRODUCT.
             The ingredients in the Matcha Milk With Azuki Beans include: matcha (fine green tea powder), fresh dairy milk, sweetened Azuki red bean paste and ice cubes. Consumers decide to buy this product as it is promoted in the "Milk Tea" list with fresh and healthy ingredients. It has a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness, motivating consumers to purchase it more frequently. It is served in a transparent cup with dotted round patterns and the Gongcha logo (Taiwanese) as shown in Figure 1.
             Figure 1. Gongcha - Matcha Milk With Azuki Beans.
             (Source image: Gongcha 2016, Matcha Milk With Azuki Beans, .
             In my opinion, the combination of green tea and red beans packaged in a transparent cup perfectly attracts consumers' attention as it looks cool, fresh and hygienic. Furthermore, due to the rareness of matcha beverages, Matcha Milk With Azuki Beans is supposed to be the favorite in comparison to other bubble milk teas.

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