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Free Child Care for Parents with Two Children

             Advanced nursing practice roles are developing globally, and opportunities for the advanced nursing practice are expanding in the United States of America and worldwide in general due to the need for high-quality nursing care at all level of their practice. The ability of nurses practicing to the full extent of their education and training makes them be recognized by the community and the political system. As part of the influential members of the society, nurses identify problems that require being legalized to ensure the smooth running of their process. They play a major role in guiding the political and legal system on the effect such legalized problems might have in the health care system, society and the government at large. In the current paper, I focus on the legalization process of free child care to parents with two children in Queens, New York.
             Free Child Care for Parents with Two Children.
             Families with more than two children in Queens, New York experience a high level of poverty when it comes to achieving a decent standard of living that allow them to participate fully in the mainstream of the society. The most common component of poverty is material hardship which includes food, clothing, and shelter. In the quest of achieving the decent living standard in Queens, New York, children need more than material resources in the form of human and social capital which include basic life, education, and quality healthcare services. The greater challenge for most families is inadequate financial resources which make them hard to meet daily expenses of the children to go ahead. Failure to provide for the children leads to the social isolation which might affect the future of the children, (Byrns, 2013).
             Economic hardships and other deprivation in Queens New York families can have profound effects on the children's development and their prospectors for the future and the society as a whole.

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