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The Plays of William Shakespeare

            Shakespeare is called the greatest author in the English language not only because his works are in English, but also for his profound and lasting impact on the language itself. William was a great English playwright, dramatist, and poet who lived during the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Shakespeare's plays are usually divided into three major categories, these are Three plays which are in the category of comedy are The Comedy of Errors, The Taming of the Shrew, and The Two Gentlemen of Verone. Three plays which are in the category of tragedy are Romeo and Juliet, Titus Andronicus, and Julius Caesar. In the category of history, three plays are Henry V, Richard II, and Richard III.
             Firstly, I will start reminding them, English in the sixteenth century still felt itself in the shadow of other European languages. England had to wait until the seventeenth century, 1604, to get its own dictionary. After San-skirt (India), Arabic, Italian, and French dictionaries. The first English dictionary was put together in 1604 by Robert Cawdrey. He called it The Table Alphabeticall, and the first word is "abandon". There are only two thousand five hundred forty-three words in this dictionary. By 1600, at least in towns and cities had some minimal education in reading and writing. .
             Likewise, French had already had the poems and works of Villon, Du Bellay and Ronsard. Italy with Dante, Machiavelli and Ariosto, while Spain with Juan del Encina and Fernando de Rojas. Although English could already claim Chaucer and his contemporaries, their works were written in an English which had become to a great extent defunct. English literature became the vogue. They began to copy and experiment. Sir Thomas Wyatt took the sonnet into English, and was crucial to the development of the English language become a proving ground for poets. Queen Elizabeth 1 has a fair claim to be the best educated monarch ever to sit on the throne of England, the knights of Elizabeth's encourage, that the role fell to turn the English language into literature, looking for immorality in verse.

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