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The True Cost of Entering a DSA School by Brenda Tan

            The essay "The True Cost of Entering a DSA School" by Brenda Tan, talks about the DSA routes and the causes and impacts of entering schools through DSA. The recent Raffles Institution students not able to enter Junior Colleges has sparked a buzz about IP and DSA schools. I do agree with the author's point of view about students entering branded schools that the DSA routes to branded schools are tough and arduous, and might bring about many negative impacts to the student, one of which has been displayed by the RI students who did not perform to standards. .
             DSA students that are accepted to the branded schools they have to go through the strenuous trainings and also cope well with their academics. These students have to train intensely, to perform at a high level for the school's sporting glory, and also to keep up with a heavier IP/Branded Schools workload, doing well and meeting high expectations in academics. This puts immense stress and pressure on these DSA students, and they might not be able to cope with the many activities that they have. Parents, on the other hand, do not understand these responsibilities that the students will face, but wants their children to enter these branded schools via the DSA, so that they will have good results and have a good future. This is a stereotype that students entering branded schools would have better results, but, it is not about the school, but about the students. I do agree with the author's point that DSA schools need to articulate the minimum academic goals, allowing them to be academically prepared to balance their training, study and rest in their daily lives.
             Another point that I agree with the author regarding the RI case is his point of the possible causes of the disappointing results of these RI students. RI opened a 'O' Level class in their school to help those that are unable to cope with the IP curriculum.

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