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Obtaining Information on the Internet

            With the evolution of technology, implementations of new ideas and many innovations, information can be harvested anywhere. This is especially evident in the invention of smartphones as well as the creation of search engines like "Google". We are now able to search the web with just a gentle touch on the phone's screen or over the laptop. We see students using the internet to sift through information for their project research, we see researchers uploading their findings on the internet; we see editors posting important pieces of news online on a daily and frequent basis. In the 21st century, information is now made much more available and made more convenient. Thus, in my opinion, young people these days prefers to use the Internet to obtain information. .
             The Internet is easily accessible today. In the past, one had to be in a single location and often with a desktop computer. But today, it can be accessed anywhere and anytime, using a variety of gadgets. The Internet can be accessed using smartphones, tablets and laptop. There is little barrier to finding out the information that one needs. In fact, many smartphones today have applications that make it more convenient for users to find out the latest news. Thus, its easily accessible feature makes the Internet a more popular choice among the other sources. .
             In contrast, if information is obtained from other sources like books or the newspapers, this would mean having to get to a library, a bookshop or the newsstand to obtain the books and newspapers. This might not be convenient if the information is required immediately or at odd times of the day. Furthermore, once the information is obtained from the books and magazines, these items are still in the possession of the user. The user cannot get rid of them immediately even if he does not need them any longer. With the Internet, the user can just turn off the device. There will not be bulky items to be carried that have to be kept even when they are no longer needed.

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