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Anthropology and the Human Body

             Forensic anthropology entails applying anthropological research and techniques to medicolegal issues. There are three subfields within the field of forensic anthropology, including osteology (study of the bones), archeology (collection of human remains), and biological anthropology (study of changes to the body after death, including decomposition). One to determine the gender of remains is by examining the pelvis, which can be identified accurately ninety percent of the time. Another precise way to determine gender is to examine the skull. There are several features that can be used to determine the race of an individual. The zygomatic arch of the maxilla can be divided into three generic shapes: hyperbolic, parabolic, and rounded. Each of the following races have their own shape: African is a hyperbolic shape, European is a parabolic shape, and Asian is a rounded shape. There are key features of the skull that can be used to determine the race of an individual. Most of these features are indistinct and require an extreme detailed examination of the skull. For instance, in African Americans, the nasal opening is more flared. In addition, is the cheekbone, which is angled forward in people of Asian ancestry, thus, giving the person the appearance of a flattened face. In order to determine the age of remains, an anthropologist must observe the development of sutures (skull plates). In any event, subfields of anthropology work together in order to determine the gender, race, and age of skeletal remains.
             Keywords: remains, skeleton, trauma.
             "I've Found A Bone, But What Is It?".
             Derived from osteology, the study of bones, branches a specialized field known as forensic anthropology (Walsh-Haney). According to Heather Walsh-Haney (2002), "trained in anthropology, archaeology, and human osteology, forensic anthropologists are primary players in forensic science both in the field and in the laboratory.

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