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My Dad, the Handyman

            My dad is an amazing person at heart, but when it comes down to patience or new technology, he's the last person you would want to see. He's a hardworking man, who is a great father figure, and he'd give his last penny to help anyone out. When I was six years old, he used to take me up to our old church to clean it every Friday night, and he drove his white 1978 Chrysler Newport we called "The Boat" because it would cut off at random times, and he would let it roll until it started back up; just like the sail of a boat catching the wind. We were outside every weekend fixing something on it, he never let me get under the hood, I would just watch and listen to him teach. He's an expert when it comes to cars. If someone had a problem, he could tell you exactly what it was if you gave him the sound, smell or feeling. As I grew older, I started to take after my dad doing everything he taught me, and he always told me this "Do the job right so you won't have to do it twice" which means, don't slack when you're tired because you're working yourself twice as hard rather than working hard to get it done right. Every Sunday I woke up to the smell of sweet rolls, biscuits, eggs with garlic seasoning and the sound of bacon frying in the pan. I would get dressed for church, and before it was time to leave, I would hear four squirts of his Old Spice cologne with a sweet smell that would linger through the hallway.
             My dad does not like relaxing on his days off; even though he work 6 days a week as a letter carrier for United State Postal Service (USPS); fingering through the mail with his rough, ashy hands, walking at a fast pace with a heavy bag on his left shoulder full of mail, regardless of if it's cold pouring rain or the middle of summer; he was out there delivering mail. My dad always kept is hands busy. He would find lawnmowers, TVs or anything he could fix, sitting on the curb of his customer's houses and would take me late at night to pick them up before the trash man would trash them.

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