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Kitchen Floor

            When my dad and I arrived at Home Depot, with no idea of what kind of flooring we wanted for our kitchen, we thought about my mother's favorite colors, which happen to be her sorority colors. My dad and I saw a nice color that would fit my mother's needs. My mother wanted a new kitchen floor; the stick tile is what it is called. She wanted a new look for the kitchen. My father, of course, did not want to pay any professional to do the job for us; he is cheap and likes to handle things himself. Since he wanted to be that way, my mother named my father and I "bootlegged handymen", simply because we did not know what we were doing. After getting more ideas in our heads on how to do the new floor my dad and I went ahead and laid out the tools that we would need to make our job easier. The tools consisted of two putty knives, scissors, a box cutter, and food (you have to take a break sometime).
             Because this was my first time doing this type of work with my father, he had to guide me through the whole thing. The first day was basically using the putty knife pulling up the old floor tile. We came across a couple of bad spots and tried to put hot water on the spots to loosen up the dirt; it turned into a big mess. My mother almost fainted; because her kitchen was about to float off into the living room. The first thing that hit her mind was "what have I let this boy and his father do to my house?" After getting everything under control, we finished pulling up the tile and cleaning the floor for the new tile. .
             Day two was a break from day one. Day two was easier. I had to make sure there were no uneven spots on the floor, and that my father and I did not forget to pull any loose residue up from the old floor. After making sure that everything was in tact for the next day, it was time to lay down the new tile. My father and I did a little measuring on the floor so we could get an accurate fit around the hard-to-reach areas on the floor.

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