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My House

             My home is a place where things can always change. Discarded beer cans evolve into ashtrays and large boxes mutate into trash cans. The furniture has a tendency to migrate from room to room as it feels necessary.
             Trash, soiled laundry and miscellaneous items that serve no discernable purpose, flow like vibrant multicolored flora despite my sporadic efforts at cleaning. It is an ever moving organism; constantly trying to take a visible shape only to fall to pieces and return to an undecipherable blur.
             My absolute favorite room to frequent would have to be the den. The constant hum of the computer tower is always present. Empty CD cases litter every possible surface along with a plethora of half consumed Food Lion brand soda cans (most of which have been colonized by a brood of cigarette butts). The smell of the den is ever changing and entirely dependent on whatever was last cooked in the adjacent kitchen. A four thousand dollar stereo stands sentry in the far corner next to a virgin fire place. The stereo tower looms like an intimidating fortress of buttons and knobs to a civilization of cd's without cases. Because this room has imprisoned every single one of my most prized appliances it has become my nest in the house.
             At the far end of the den right before it shifts to kitchen lurks the downstairs bathroom. The carpet breeds a hybrid aroma of urine and mouthwash that assaults any intruder upon entry, in .
             order to intimidate this room user further it is equipped with a massive mirror that stretches completely across the longest wall. Two bare one hundred watt light bulbs allow you to see every wrinkle or pustule you never knew you had. The toothbrush rack usually harbors at least two abandoned toothbrushes with unknown backgrounds and a small collection of whisker trimmings stuck down to the porcelain by toothpaste grime. .
             Because I stay downstairs more often than I stay upstairs the second half of my hygienic rituals happen here.

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