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Grandma's Kitchen

            In the suburbs of Orlando, FL, stood a beautiful two story home. This house consisted of five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and most importantly, a kitchen filled with beautiful antiques and wonderful aromas. Grandma's kitchen was a place I could go to eat her delicious homemade food. She made sure that her kitchen would represent three things: food, family, and fun. This kitchen was an integral part of my family's closeness, our strength and our love for each other. Grandma's kitchen is where my family's moral codes and values were solidified in my life. .
             Each time I walked into her kitchen, I was reminded of a 1960's kitchen. Against the back wall stood a gigantic stove. Every two weeks, my parents and I would polish it to keep its shine. Around its edges, the chrome sparkled and the white porcelain circle in the center of the door displayed the stove's manufacture: "Hartland." At the left end stood a reservoir filled with water from the cistern. This reservoir held warm water for simple meals that my grandmother cooked. Beside this beautiful stove, sat an old cherry wood square table. This table was made specifically for prayer before eating. Because my family is so large, we could never all sit in the kitchen to eat, so my family would gather around the table, say a prayer, fix plates, and then go find places so we can interact with each other. There were two parts of the refrigerator: the freezer and the part for cold futre. To the left of the refrigerator was the sink. Instead of having a double sink, my grandmother has a single one. By far this was the worst sink ever. When it was time to wash dishes, my cousins and I would have to wash, rinse, and dry the dishes in that one sink. Next to the single sink were six dark brown wood cabinets. There were three cabinets sitting above the sink and three beside it. This kitchen was indeed small in size, but we shared at heart so much love and made so many memories in that limited space.

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