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My Grandmathers Story

             I am standing in my tiny kitchen, half asleep, trying to prepare my breakfast - coffee and cereal - and at the same time looking out the window to see how the weather is. I open the bag of coffee and pour brown, coarse, granules into a golden filter; now just a click of a button and it will start brewing. The aroma alone is opening my eyes wider, and I notice that it's beginning of a sunny day. I open the fridge, take the purple milk container out, and in my sunny yellow bowl mix it with my favorite cereal. Still standing by my kitchen counter, I start to savor my coffee and continue to eat my corn flakes and then in the back of my mind I can hear the voice.
             My dear, you should never eat while standing up, all of the food will go straight to your ankles and you will be known as Miss Elephant Feet.? That's what my great grandmother used to say to me whenever I misbehaved and got up from the table or ran around the room while consuming my lunch. I called her Grandma Stefcia, even though it was her son who was my real grandfather. During my childhood she was my best friend, she was also my worst enemy in times of disobedience. It took me many years to realize how much did she influence my life .I often hear many of her comments in my mind, especially when I need to make a difficult decision and I can feel her spirit hovering above me in times of despair.
             I can remember sitting in her small apartment on a beautiful sunny day, waiting for her to get ready to go out. I can see her tall, slim silhouette against the window, her lovely, symmetrical face with piercing blue eyes and hardly any wrinkles even though she was almost seventy years old. She would put her gray hair into a neat chignon, and dab on some blush, lipstick and perfume (very discreetly, she didn't want look too made up), and she would never consider leaving her homeundone.? I was standing on the chair, and looking outside the window, I could see my girlfriends jumping rope, and I couldn't wait to play with them.

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