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Grandma's Kitchen

             "Look up at the stars and the biggest brightest star is me looking over you and protecting you," That quote came from a letter my Grandma wrote me before she passed away. That line keeps replaying in my head. My childhood was mostly a big blur, I seem to suffer from short term memory loss. I cannot remember all of the things that have happened throughout my childhood, except for my Grandma. Once of the biggest things I remember quite vividly is my Grandma's kitchen and memories that took place in that kitchen. My Grandma's house was the place that all of my cousins and my aunts came together. Trying to remember this great childhood room brings up both happy and sad moments in my families' history. The memories that were made in my Grandma's kitchen were made from deep sorrow and great happiness. .
             Let's take a step back and describe my Grandma, the most caring and loving lady I have ever known. She was there for anyone who ever needed her; the rock of my entire family. When she had a stroke and got sick, it was one of the hardest times for me and my family. My Grandma, the strong lady that once was unbreakable and stubborn, who once was a beautiful rosy cheeked and bright eyed lady turned in to a prisoner of her own body, looking pale and .
             Kelly 2.
             sickly. She became fragile and very ill as more time went by. It felt like she was sick for three thousand years, I couldn't bear watching her be in pain. She didn't want to let go, so she struggled for nearly a year. After a long struggle and fight for her life, my Grandma left this world, to be in a better place, with no more pain or struggles. The Angel that once walked this Earth became all of my families' guardian Angel up in Heaven. .
             There are a lot of memories and place that remind me of my Grandmother, but when I think of my Grandma's kitchen, I always get a warm fuzzy feeling; a feeling of tremendous comfort and relief. Back when my Grandma was alive, my family was so close and connected.

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