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Score/Score by Phyllis Gotlieb Analysis

            In the world of "Score/Score" by Phyllis Gotlieb, there is an overabundance of robots and machines in the world, with the human population being very low. It shows us this "teaching machine" who has thought and feelings, having similar behaviors as the humans around them. This "teaching machine" hates his job, feeling his talents are being wasted by having to teach sixth grade English. There is shown that there are robots for teaching, and also ones who pretend to be students to keep the teaching machines sharp with the current lack of actual human students. The teaching machine is betrayed by the fake student robot and has to have its memory wiped. .
             Entering the world of "Score/Score" the computer-printout format used by the writer affects the way in which readers read the story, creating a blocky form of reading. It creates a mood that is detached and unemotional, but a brooding, annoyed mood later as the story progresses and the teaching machine gets annoyed. This story evokes feelings that are rather depressive. The story creates a mood in the reader which is curious and silly, curious of this world created with robots and finding the humor enjoyable. .
             Several details from the story that help create this mood of curiousity and silliness is the mentioning of many different types of robots that there is, with there different functions. Mentioning how low the human population and current student percentage is. The banter between characters, and silly responses given by the teaching machine. The authors tone is very humorous, creating an amusing situation with the two robots, funny expressions and the foolish banter between characters. .
             "Score/Score" depicts a futuristic world in which education is supplied by high-teach "teaching machines." This fundamental premise of the story seems believable to readers largely because in our current age, computers, the Internet, and related technologies are becoming increasingly involved in the educational process.

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