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The Lolita Concept

            In the early 2000s, young female entertainers became a huge trend in South Korea. Countless young female dancer-singers and celebrities, who are mostly under nineteen years of age, debut on various types of TV programs. Directed by many heads of entertainment companies, young female celebrities are assigned a sexy and dollish concept, which have been most effective to attract teenage fans and adult fans between 20s and 40s. Amongst countless idols, a solo girl-idol, IU, is possibly the most famous example. IU is known for her adorable, pure, and childlike image, as well as her talent in highly skillful singing and composing abilities. Perhaps these skills convinced the audience and fans that her presented image is authentic. Recently, she debuted with a new album which gave her even more fame than before. The new album, "23", was themed around the "Lolita Concept," and it certainly attracted fans and internet users after they have watched the music video. The provocativeness shown through various scenes using child equipment such as the baby bottle and candies not only caused controversy among fans regardless of their nationality, it psychologically affected people who watched her performance, hindering their judgment to differentiate from right and wrong. Furthermore, not just IU, but all Korean entertainment industries should ban the use of Lolita Concept because of its negative impacts on the child sexual welfare, morality, and the social norm. .
             First, the rate of a sexual abuse of children will increase by the commercialization of Lolita Concept performances. As we know, it is an admitted fact that famous celebrities have an enormous effect on the societies either positively or negatively depending on their action. As we live in a time where media is prevalent, both children and adults are affected subconsciously through what they see and hear physically. For instance, Jinsil Choi, who was the most famous actress in South Korea, committed suicide in 2008.

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