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Career Being a Writer

             Searching for a good career that will bring satisfaction as well as good income is not easy, but if you like to write and share your stories with the public, then being a writer is a good career to pursue. A writer is a person who has the ability to make a simple idea and turn it into a story where the reader cares about the characters of the story. I want to be a writer like other famous writers; I have a creative and open mind. I am able to tell a story so the readers care about what happens in the end. When one reads a story and is not interested in what happens with the character then why read the rest of the story? However, making a career in writing takes more than just words on paper (Dodd3).
             The skills a writer needs to be successful are almost endless. The most obvious skills needed are to have a good grasp on English grammar. Although there area editors to check grammar, they may also make changes that may alter the whole point the writer tried to make. Good grammar also helps writers sell their work. A publisher is not going to bother to read a manuscript that looks like a third grader wrote it. Keeping stories interesting is also a hard task. In a romance novel, there are only so writer uses a creative imagination to add twists and not make the story lines so predictable. An amateur writer also needs to have ambition and a strong belief that their work is good (Laurens1). Many people send their work to publisher and get rejected. Plenty of times writers will quit after their first rejection, and the public miss out on that certain writer's talent. Therefore, going to a prestigious writing school to learn writing techniques from the best writing professor would really make a big difference (Walter5). .
             Authors don't need a degree to be a writer. Actually, a writer doesn't need a degree at all to write a book! Even young children have been known to write and publish books! It may be easy to write a book, but getting it published is the hard part.

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