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Short Story - Within Closed Doors

            "It's 11 o'clock and you're still sprawled across your bed! What is wrong with you?" I heard the familiar voice of my dad as he was pacing around the room, trying to get ready to leave. "Good morning to you too, dad." He looked at me with furious eyes and said "You worthless child! All you do is lay here all day or go out with your friends yet you have the guts to talk back to me like that?! Sarcasm is the lowest form of intellect, Charles! Why can't you be more like your brothers?" And he exited the room without another word. Yes folks, this is a normal day for me. It seems as if that guy has nothing good to say about me. I got up and just did as I please, after all, I still have a few days of summer left. As day turned into night, I heard the engine of my dad's motor bike as he parked in front of our house. Great, he's here again. He was greeted by everyone, of course I was the only one that didn't. Why bother? He'd just look at me as if I was the reason his hair fell off. "where's Charles?" He inquired. "He's in his room." My mother answered. "That disrespectful child! How dare he rebel against me?!" His blooming voice annoys me. "Hon, just go and change and I'll meet you in the kitchen." My mom said as she soothed my father's temper. Maybe if he'd at least be decent with me then I wouldn't be so distant with him. Maybe if he'd see the moments that I would try rather than those when I failed. Maybe if he'd just see me as me and not a failure of a son, then I might've been more interactive with him. But he's not like that and he doesn't see it that way. After a while my mom called me saying that it was time for dinner. Though I'd rather stay in my room and just wait for them to be finish, I had no choice because I was quite hungry. So I had to painfully drag myself towards our dining room and I'm sure it looked like I was marching off to my own death. .
             I sat on an empty seat and the very second his eyes caught sight of me it's as if his demeanor changes.

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