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Short Story - The Unforgettable

             She kept on running away from the evil that was lurking. She couldn't possibly know what was chasing her. Elizabeth Perkins was beginning to run out of breath. She stopped, hoping that the person, or thing, chasing her would simply vanish. Then, right before her eyes, two dark-haired creepy men were in front of her. "The Master will be very happy with us", said the evil vampire. The other vampire grabbed Elizabeth's arm and pulled her toward him. All of a sudden a tall dark creature approached the three of them. It was the Master. The two vamps pushed the girl into the Master's arms. He twisted her head and began to feast. "Good job boys. Keep them coming!" ordered the Master. It was just the beginning. .
             "Well, here I am. Another night in the graveyard", Buffy thought. "At least I have someone with me now." Buffy looked over at her friend Faith. "Hey Buff, what are you thinking about?" Faith asked. "Not much, just keeping watch for vampires." Buffy heard a noise behind the bushes. Slayer senses flaring, she knew there would be trouble. Buffy and Faith were not human - exactly. They are the Chosen Ones. Slayers called to do battle with vampires and demons. With the strength of ten men each, they set out each night to destroy demons and rid Sunnydale of evil. Something quickly flipped over the bushes. It landed. Its face was human but Buffy knew better. "You girls shouldn't be out this late at night" it said. Then it morphed its face and became a vampire."Sorry but the buffet is closed tonight", said Faith. She ran up to the vampire and did a back flip. As she did, her feet knocked the vampire in the head. He flew back and landed against a gravestone. "My turn", shouted Buffy. She punched the vampire in the gut twice. She ducked when the vampire swung at her. She swung her legs against the vampire's legs and the vamp flipped through the air and landed face first on the ground. Buffy took out her wooden stake from her leather jacket.

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