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The Walking Dead

            Rick Grimes, a sheriff in King County, Georgia, awakes from a coma after being shot in a police shoot out. He awakes in a hospital bed to an post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. Rick joins a group of survivors and leads them into a fight against the dead. A television horror series developed by Frank Darabont and based off the comic book series founded by Robert Kirkman, the Walking Dead became to be an epic, intense, edge-of-your-seat drama where personal struggles magnify against a scrim of moment-to-moment survival. The series delves on how the living are transformed by the crushing realization that the ones who survived amongst them can be far more dangerous than the heedless walkers roaming the Earth.
             Creators of the horror show created a fundamental purpose: to entertain the audience and create a violent alternate reality on which they can feel as they are a part of the apocalyptic world. The Walking Dead has made inexplicable earth-shattering records, reeling in millions and millions of viewers worldwide. The one question that leads us to ask is: Why do so many people love the Walking Dead? How come they are incredibly passionate of the characters on the show, more than anyone else would contemplate? The answer lies within the fandom itself the show has created for itself and the critic claiming it to be a global phenomenon. To fully understand and comprehend why the Walking Dead is such a remarkable show, one must contemplate the plot's progression in to a rigorous, emotional roller coaster, each character's transformation and descent into darkness. In this essay, I will be discussing and providing a detailed analysis of the show's change in tone, character transformation, and its dark representation of villains on all levels season to season.
             Season 1.
             Sheriff Rick and his deputy/best friend Shane being called to a police chase that ultimately leads to a shootout amongst the criminals.

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