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Dead Man Walking

             The movie "Dead Man Walking" brought up some important questions.
             Questions concerning moral, hate, love, forgiveness, justice, and reconciliation. As.
             well as if the death penalty is a appropriate and just punishment for a crime.
             Throughout this film there was a lot of hate. There was so much anger and.
             disposition in all of the characters. Matt Poncelet was a confused and hateful.
             individual. He was so masked with anger that he didn't even really know what his.
             true feelings were. He thought he was this big, bad, tough individual but he really.
             wasn't. Inside he was a scared little child. He believed that he was invincible and.
             that no one could touch him. It wasn't until the end when he was in his cell awaiting.
             his death that he really owned up to what he was and the things that he did. The.
             parents of the two victims were also filled with hate and anger. They hated their.
             children's killers, but who wouldn't hate the killers of your kin. They were blinded.
             by their hate. All they wanted was to see the man that killed their children dead. It.
             seems to me that hate was the main cause for all of the problems in the movie.
             Sometimes people need to just relax and let things happen. Hatred is a disease that.
             kills. Hatred killed the kids, hatred killed Mathew Poncelet, and hatred killed the.
             marriage of the victims parents. Hate makes people on edge, they jump and explode.
             at the slightest thing. Hate in unhealthy, it eats away inside of you and gets to your.
             personality. Hate changes people for the worse.
             People need to learn how to forgive others for their actions. The parents of.
             the victims didn't necessarily need to forgive Matt Poncelet but they needed to let it.
             go and have him receive his punishment. They needed to understand that even when.
             he was executed it would not bring back their children. It may make them feel better.
             but it still wont change anything. Everything will still be as it was. Also, Matt.
             needed to forgive himself and own up to his responsibility for what happened.

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