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Psychiatric Disorders in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

            When the author of the Love Song of J. Eliot published the poem in 1915, the British society has turned into the modern society for around a hundred years. On account of the Industrial Revolution in 1800s, the society has dramatically changed in working and living conditions, urbanization, public health and life expectancy, child labor, working class families and the role of women, wealth and income. The cities turned into urban areas and crowded or congested areas. The social values have changed from internal values to materialistic values. Because of these changes, many people seek to escape from their unsatisfied reality, which is usually a normal behavior for people to deal with their stress (Freud). However, if people excessively escape their real lives for pleasure, the result can be worse as a dependence on pleasure they gain can leads to the addiction which will be able to ruin them later (Riley). In this poem, the author presents Prufrock as a middle-aged man who live in a dingy urban city who retreats himself into in the conversation between 'You and I' which is actually himself both. Thus Prufrock is a psychological escapist who is prone to to have a psychiatric disorder from the excessiveness of his unhealthy escapism.
             What Prufrock escapes from is his reality is his inadaptability to society and disappointment from love. He has faced a societal pressure from the critics from others to his appearance. He is in the middle age of his life as he is bald "With a bald spot in the middle of my hair" and "his arms and legs" are thin. He is getting old every day. He also concerns of how others see him as he worried that he will be looked down on from people who have notice the bald spot and his thin limbs. By his body slightly deteriorating, the readers can interpret that he has lived for long enough to once live the society where all urban and modernized things do not take place completely, the age that everything is much deeper, either in relationships or social values, and people are not materialistic like the present.

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