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Speech Context and Styles

            We communicate with people every day in anywhere but sometimes we do not adjust our communication style to the audience or situation. This can lead to confusion or misunderstandings. So we should learn how to adapt the way we communicate to different situations by considering the many factors that influence the effectiveness of our communication. .
             Speech context talks about how a persons speaks in different situations. It dictates how should a person talk to someone on a given situation. It includes intrapersonal and interpersonal communication.The intrapersonal communication is a form of speech context wherein the speaker talks to himself/herself and uses the mind as a channel of communication so as we talk with ourselves, we are engaged in this form of speech context. Another form of speech context is the interpersonal communication, it occurs between two or more people to exchange ideas or thoughts. For instance, group study, reporting in a class or It includes dyad comunication that involves two people, small group communication involves three to twelve persons, public communication involves a large group with one speaker and mass communication involves media to communicate. It is important to understand the environmental and situational contexts in which you are giving a speech.
             The manner in which we deliver our speech or messages, from the words we say to how we say, relies on the person were talking and on the situational context. To communicate effectively, we need to understand who we are talking with. For example, it is weird to be formal infront of our mother, right? So communication can also be expressed in many ways and with different results. It can be intimate, casual, consultative, formal or frozen speech style.
             One of the speech style is intimate, a personal or private message that doesn't follow correct linguistic forms and it occurs between people who have known each other for a long time.

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