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Conformity and Critical Thinking

             The film The Cider House Rules focuses on various themes such as murder, lust, abortion and incest. However, abortion is a dominant theme throughout the film and it manifests itself through Larch, who procures abortion for women. Larch teaches his mentee, Homer, to procure abortions for women. However, Homer is against the idea and does not want to follow the ways of Larch, his mentor. Homer leaves the orphanage and goes to a faraway land where he meets Rose and falls in love with her. Later, he finds out that Rose is pregnant with her father's baby. It is at this point that incest manifests itself and Homer's position against abortion is put to the test. To stop Rose from giving birth to a child conceived through incest, Homer procures an abortion for her, goes back to the orphanage, and picks up from where Larch left off.
             Reasons for the Experienced Reactions.
             Throughout the film, I found myself against abortion mainly because it involved risking both the life of the mother and the unborn child. According to my religion, no human being should take away the life of another and that life is precious. Abortion is a dangerous procedure that destroys the womb of the mother and its main goal is usually to terminate the life of an unborn baby. This despicable vice goes against ethics and the laws that govern human beings. In fact, women who procure abortions are usually rejected and perceived as murderers in the society (Smith 103). On the other hand, procuring abortions can land a person in jail. Hence, I believe abortion is inhumane because it involves the killing of an unborn child. .
             A healthy boundary level of safety should be kept between members of a family. Since time immemorial, cultural beliefs and religion have always been against incest. How do you have sexual relations with family members and still maintain healthy relationships and boundaries with them? It can never work because sex tends to complicate a lot of issues.

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