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John Proctor and The Crucible

            Arthur Miller has done a great job creating a strong and brave character who people may name the hero of The Crucible. John Proctor, a man of dignity, principle, and the one with a guilty conscience, finds himself in a bit of a bind. He, in the end, dies at peace with himself, though he has lived a life of many hardships. In controversy with the church, his society as well as a few other more distinct characters, such as Reverend Paris, Proctor manages to pull through this hard trivial time peacefully. Throughout the play, one can kind of figure out just how much trouble Mr. Proctor truly is in.
             Although one considers Mr. Proctor a good and honest man, a specific part of his past completely contradicts with what is seen. He is ashamed of his affair with his ex-servant, Abigail Williams, and is constantly reminded of his sin. Not only does that immediately throw him in the minister's "black book" but also the fact that John Proctor does not attend church regularly. This may be because of the fact that he does not get along with the minister, or because his wife has been sick this past year. Furthermore, he has not had his last child born baptized. Proctor tells the people who question this that it is because of his disagreement with the Reverend. In a time where religion was truly the core of a person's life, John Proctor believed that life is not meant to go this way. Likewise, and perhaps one of the most crucial reason of the discrepancy between him and the church at this time is the fact that he openly admits that he does not believe in witchcraft. Although everyone is caught up in blaming their neighbors of being guilty of practicing witchcraft, John Proctor admits to the court that he thinks the whole witch hunt is all a whore's revenge. This most likely came as a shock to his community since he is a man of dignity. As a result of his accusations, Proctor is left with having to tell the court of his sin.

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