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The Crucible

            The Author of "The Crucible" was a man named Arthur Miller. Miller wrote numerous amounts of plays including, "All of My Sons" and "Death of a Sails man". As an American Arthur Miller undertook questioning for being accused of communism. Miller thought this was violating his freedom, since America is a free country he believed people should not be questioned for their beliefs. .
             Out of this, Arthur Miller was inspired to write "The crucible", which is a story about people attacking others for witchcraft practices and beliefs. In a way Miller extracted some of the "cold wars' ideas on communism and assimilated them to the crucible where girls attacked others for their beliefs and social disposition, for example the girls only had to dislike someone to have them named at the trials.
             If you were to find the definition of the word crucible you would discover these .
             descriptions: - a) A severe trial or test .
             b) Melting pot for metal .
             Well I'm sure there is absolutely no doubt in anybody's minds that the crucible's story line was definitely a severe trial and test for every character in the book. .
             Take Abigail for example, she was caught experimenting with witchcraft and was accused of having an affair with John Proctor and was therefore taken to trial. Since Abigail was caught, she had to feign a justifiable reason to escape her punishment, so she lied very convincingly turning the accusations of others back on themselves. .
             Abigail lied about practically everything she was asked by Danforth and all others who accused her. It most definitely tested her morality. Yet Abigail seemed quite happy to deceive everyone she had ever known just to save her own life, rather than save the lives of innocent men and women. .
             It was clear that Abigail was an impure, evil and immoral woman. She would do anything to cover up the truth, which she makes quite clear in the book by threatening all the girls "Now look you.

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