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Sight: The Ultimate Blessing

            Imagine living in a world of complete darkness. Without sight, it would feel like an endless horror movie, especially because I am afraid of the dark. I would feel no sense of the daytime. It would be night 24/7. I envision myself not being able to see the breath taking beaches of Hawaii, the Eiffel tower in Paris, or Times Square in New York. All these places are destinations many people in the world dream to see in their lifetime. Traveling around the world and witnessing the beauty of man-made structures or Mother Nature's beauty with my two eyes is truly a magnificent matter. What if I couldn't see my lover's face or my best friend's smile ever again? I know I would feel empty and lost. The lost of sight has a huge chain reaction and affects many aspects of my daily life and behavior. The ability to examine, observe, and detect is from the gift of sight, one of the greatest gifts of all time. Of course, the other senses, to hear, taste, smell, and touch are important to human beings in our daily lives. However, if I were to choose only one of the five senses, it would be the capability to see because I believe that sight is the most crucial factor in my life. .
             For instance, traveling the globe was always an activity that was on my bucket list. Seeing exquisite landscapes and gigantic skyscrapers were always a scene I wanted to witness. If I didn't have the gift of sight, where would that leave me? I would be in a blank world without a vision of what those views would have looked like. I would not be able to create pictures in my head, memories to keep in my mind. I will assure that tasting the world wonders is not important neither is having the sense of smell when you can see the world and its beauty. Even feeling a slight breeze or hearing the birds sing is not the same as seeing it, actually seeing it with my very own eyes, creating memories.
             According to balancefba.org, The Twenty Losses of Blindness, people who are or become blind experience the loss of career, vocal goal, and job opportunities.

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