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Home Memories

             I handed over the luggage to the security check and looked over the visitor's area where my parents, relatives and friends have come to send me off. My baggage came out of the screening machine and I was asked to go to the ticketing machine for the boarding pass. It had a large queue and in the meanwhile, I looked again at the visitor's area and I can see the hands of my dear ones waving to me. Then I heard someone saying "may I help you "? The voice was from another ticketing counter and the lady out there wants to help. I hurried to the counter before anyone could and gave the tickets. I asked her if I can get a seat beside the window. She smiled and typed in her computer for a couple of minutes and said "yes, you"re done". She took my luggage for my checked-in and I was free till customs check to spend time with my dear ones. I hurried to the visitor's lounge and they were flashing with the cameras on me which made me feel like a popular film star. No one in my family has gone abroad for studies and I understand how important they feel for me from the time I got my visa. It really takes something special to go abroad, a place where you hardly know anybody leaving your parents at a not so mature age to achieve something which you have dreamt of. .
             The airport was crowded and there were other students going abroad with their huge families almost suffocating the airport. I guess my family, friends, relatives also count into that. I can see their faces filled with expressions some sad, some excited and some without any expression. My father was giving me final instructions of the do's and don'ts. He wants me to be in good health and in control as there would be no one to tell me what's good and what's bad. But, he understands that I"m mature enough to handle it. His trust in me helped my dream of studying abroad. The time came for the final good bye and I felt some deep feelings in some corner of my heart.

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