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Defining My Purpose

            My whole life, I've been setting goals for myself. When I was young, I changed my mind almost everyday of where I would be at right now. From wanting to go to Harvard, to Hawaii, and somehow ending up in Florida, the mind never stops wandering. Somehow here I am, years later, attending University of Central Florida, and Valencia College, as a nursing student, battling every day. I have set personal, educational, and career goals for myself, in which I hope to see small baby steps forward as time moves along. I'm looking forward to graduating next summer, and taking my BOARDS test. The clock in ticking, and I'm always working hard to be where I want to be.
             Personally, I've always wanted to go into the medical field. I never knew what I wanted to be. My whole family have always motivated me and told me I could do it if I stuck to it. My mother is one of nine children, and each one of them grew up to be doctors. My godmother, and my mother are pediatric oncologists, which is my ultimate dream, although there is a ultimatum among my tactics. I have never been a school person; in fact I was always an athlete being satisfied with others doing my work for me. I finally faced the cruel reality and realized what I was doing last summer, and how wrong it was. There are so many students working so hard each day to get a diploma, while I was taking advantage of my opportunity to do the same. I made the decision to quit basketball, and focus on school. I didn't know what it was like to study, and I didn't know what it was like to be on a schedule that I had to worry or think twice about my schoolwork. I finally set a personal goal for myself to keep good enough grades to stay in the nursing program, specifically because I know I have never known what it was like to do my own work. I am so thankful for it now, and I have learned to study and become successful in the classroom by myself. I hope I keep continuing and growing as a person in this direction.

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