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Was the Munich Agreement a Disaster?

            The Munich agreement in 1938 was a disaster as made Hitler bolder in his ambitions. In Hitler's expansionist policy, Hitler invaded targetted countries in order to achieve his goals of a Greater Germany. When he saw how Britain adopted a policy of appeasement in order to not risk a war, he took a gamble and set his sights on Czechoslovakia. When Hitler threatened to go to war for Sudetenland, Britain and France urged the leaders of Czechoslovakia to allow Hitler to occupy Sudetenland and signed the Munch Agreement in September 1938 so as to avoid a war. The Munich Agreement convinced Hitler that the British and French were bent on preventing war and would give in to his demands, and this emboldened Hitler. As he gained control over Sudetenland without a fight, Hitler became more ambitious and set his sights for the rest of Czechoslovakia and more and more countries in Europe. This eventually led to the breaking out of World War II. Since the Munich Agreement paved the way for one of the causes of World War II, the very thing that rhe Munich Conference wanted to avoid, the agreement was a disaster as it failed to achieve its main purpose. .
             The Munich Agreement was not a disaster as it bought time for Britain and France to rearm. Britain and France were war-weary as their military capabilities had suffered a blow from World War I and thus needed time to rebuild militarily. Because of their fear of another war breaking out, they adopted a policy of appeasement that settled conflicts between countries on peaceful and non-military terms. This applied to when Hitler wanted control over Sudetenland, Britain and France decided on the Munich Agreement in the Munich conference that Hitler was to be given control over Sudetenland as a form of appeasement and to prevent war. The Munich Agreement managed to settle Germany's threat of war for Sudetenland, and put off World War II for another year.

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