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Adolf Hitler: Man, Monster, Maniac

            Many things come to mind when we hear the name Adolf Hitler. He has been called a tyrant, murderer, maniac and some have even gone as far as to call him the anti-Christ. There are no doubts that he was an evil man, but many people know little about his life when really there is much more to the mind that drove this sadistic killer. How did he become such a crazy man? The only way to understand who he was is to examine his past.
             Adolf Hitler was born on the evening April 20, 1889 at an inn in the town of Braunau am Inn, Austria. He was born to Alois Schickelgruber (who later adopted the last name Hitler) and Klara Hitler. Alois was a customs official, illegitimate by birth, who was described by a maid as a strict but comfortable man. His mother Klara was a simple housewife who loved her son dearly, and for good reason. Young Adolf Hitler was the first of his three would be siblings to survive. One died shortly after birth and the other two of diphtheria as young children (Heyes 19-20). These were simple beginnings for a simple family. Alois moved to the highest position he could in customs and wanted his son to become a public servant as well. This was not what Hitler wanted at all. His goal was to one day enter the priesthood or become an artist. On one of the many moves the Hitler family made during Hitler's childhood they ended up living across from a Benedictine monastery whose prime symbol in its coat of arms was the swastika. The swastika became one of Hitler's favorite symbols and he held on to it his whole life. .
             The personality of Hitler began to develop when he was a teenager. He entered into a secondary school where he did quite poorly which was a complete change from his childhood where he did marginally well in school. He quickly gave up at all subjects but art to help aid his ongoing argument with his father about what his career should be. The argument soon would not matter because Adolf Hitler's father died of a lung hemorrhage in 1903.

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