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Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Great Depression

            After the Wall Street stock market crashed in 1929, the USA met with the greatest economic crisis that it had ever encountered. Unemployment rates kept getting higher, banks collapsed and deflation were some negative effects that the Great Depression brought to the USA. However, in 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected by the US People as the president because he promised to solve these problems. After that, Franklin D. Roosevelt's strategies did ease the pain of the US people effectively, through creating more job opportunities, stabilizing banks and the price of goods, and also calming people's rebellious mind to prevent future social problems. .
             Firstly, during the 1930s, unemployment was one of the greatest problems in the USA. About 15 million citizens were out of work, which was 1/4 of the total number of the labor number in the USA. Some of them could barely afford their own basic needs, others were searching for food on street corners. This is because people did not have jobs, and there were not any unemployment insurance policies back then. (Hardman, "The great depression and the new deal.") More seriously, there were many ex-millionaires who sold apples on streets. In 1933, the first New Deal was created by Franklin D. Roosevelt, the goal for this project was to create working opportunities for unemployed people, followed by the creation of Alphabet Agencies. After Franklin D. Roosevelt's first month of presidency, he set up the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), this department provided jobs to unmarried men aged 18-25. The government sent them to agricultural areas to plant trees, build parks, and work on solving erosion problems. Their salary was about $30 per month. The CCC provided jobs for about 2.5 million young men during its ten years of existence. (Truman, "Was the new deal a success.") Two years later, the Works Progress Administration (WPA)which was considered as another successful New Deal department was set up.

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