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Family Therapy Session Assessment

            Dylan is a 16-year-old substance abuser with a preference towards smoking crack cocaine. He was referred to treatment due to recently being arrested for breaking and entering into a residential home. Since he was already on probation, the probation officer was able to speak with the judge, to order Dylan in treatment, as a part of his course of punishment. According to his probation officer, Dylan has a winning personality and a pleasant smile. Dylan has a support network of people who are rooting for him to get his act together. .
             He is the only child of Martha and Tom. His parents, Martha and Tom, have been married for twenty years. Dylan was considered a miracle child for Martha and Tom because Martha was told, early in life, that she was barren. Martha, who is 47 years old, is a homemaker. Tom, who is 56 years old, drives trucks, long haul, for a living. Martha comes from very humble background and prides herself in the idea that she is able to stay at home, while her husband works. Tom comes from a very large family and he is a stern believer, in the concept, that the man is the head of the household. He prides himself in his ability to take care of his family, but he feels that his son does not appreciate his hard work. He cannot believe at how his son has turned to drugs and a life of crime. Despite being married for twenty years; Dylan's parents have never gotten along. Martha feels that part of Dylan's problems is that his father is always away on the road, and he does not play an active, loving role in being a father to his son. Tom feels that Martha dotes on Dylan too much and enable him and that she has spoiled him. Martha is very frivolous with the money, that he works so hard to get, and spends a large portion of it on Dylan. Also, Tom feels that Dylan does not respect him, as his father, and despite all the advantages that he has been afforded, Dylan is lazy and no good.

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