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Is Forced Birth Control an Excellent Solution, or a Serious

             Everyone knows that overpopulation is a problem we have been dealing with for a long time. It can be traced back to as far as the eighteenth century (Johnston). What then can we do about this problem? Many countries are looking upon forced birth control policies as a way to relieve this crisis, but are they morally right? Furthermore, do they work? I believe that, by demanding forced birth control, the government would be oppressing its citizens. This plan gives the impression that it is the perfect solution to keep the world from overpopulating; however, I believe that by denying the human race its deep-rooted right to life, it could never succeed.
             The population of earth has a current growth rate of 1.7% and is potentially infinite (Johnston). The land and resources of earth is undeniably limited and being used up hastily everyday. Therefore, it is easy to comprehend how .
             overpopulation is an extremely complicated problem, and why every country is trying to find a solution. .
             Many countries have started to rely on forced birth control policies to alleviate this ever-growing predicament. Forced birth control includes forced sterilization, forced abortion, and population control policies limiting the number of children a couple can have. For example, China has a one child per family policy, with extreme penalties for any couples that break this rule. How is this policy enforced? "The policy is enforced with mandatory insertion of intrauterine devices (IUDs), coercive sterilization and coercive abortion" (Jeffrey). What are the penalties for breaking this statute? "According to the new Guizhou provincial family planning regulations published in July, families who exceed birth quotas are to be fined two to five times the per capita annual income of residents in their local area" (Jeffrey). And if a couple does have another child, the system requires that either the man or the woman must undergo sterilization (Jeffrey).

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