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Adolescent Psychology Project

            Abigail is a 14-year-old female who is currently a freshman in high school. Abigail is part caucasian, part Irish and part Native American. She lives in Athens with her mother and spends every other weekend with her father. She has two brothers who are much older than she is and they do not live at home but she has a younger sister that does. Abigail was very cooperative in the interview and was open about what her life is like at this stage. .
             When describing what life is like, Abigail focused on friends and sports. She feels that things are more challenging now, for example, there is more competition in sport because people are faster and more shape and because there are try-outs. Things outside of school are easier now because she has fewer rules to follow and more responsibility. She is now allowed to go to the mall on her own, something that was not allowed before entering high school. When asked about upcoming excitements and experiences, she said "she will be able to drive soon" and she plans on reading the driver's license manual. Abigail also brought up dances and Prom, of course, something she is really excited to do, "I've already started looking for dresses even though it is still two years away." Abigail was also looking forward to OC (off campus) at school and being allowed to leave campus. This is a big responsibility and only students that maintain a certain Gpa earn this privilege. Abigail spoke about her curfew and how it has changed and may change in the future. She is able to stay out until 11pm if her mother knows where she is, whereas in younger grades it was not as late and she said that "she wouldn't have wanted to stay out late then because there was nothing to do." In the next few years she pictures herself having a later curfew and not having to tell his mother where he is at all times. .
             Abigail had some difficulty describing herself.

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