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            Divorce happens to 50% of the people that are married.
             divorces the children involved believe they are responsible for it. .
             When a child believes that he or she is the cause of a divorce, many .
             different kinds of results may happen. There is always the mental .
             trauma that can occur. Divorce only adds to the turmoil and hardships .
             of adolescence. Some of the initial reactions to divorce are similar .
             to the death of a loved one (Diamond 1987). The feelings of anger, .
             sadness, and anxiety are very common. Many feel that they are left out of the family choices when their parents divorce.
             The feelings of anxiety can often been confused or masked by anger and .
             sadness. The children worry about themselves, their parents, and their .
             siblings. They also worry about their place in the family and which .
             parent they would stay with. Whether they will like their parents new .
             relationships may also cause problems. The boyfriend /girlfriend can .
             make children very uncomfortable in their home.
             Sadness is usual caused by a sense of loss. They feel that they are .
             losing their "family" because of the divorce. Family can be defined in .
             different ways determined by the situation that a child is in. For .
             some losing their mother is more traumatic than losing a father. .
             Teenagers find it hard to express their sadness, and the parents have .
             trouble dealing with these feelings. The "sense of family" seems lost, .
             and this can hurt the teenagers that need the security of a family at .
             this time.
             Anger is the most felt feeling by most children. As I stated before .
             the children tend to blame themselves for the problems with their .
             parents. There are many changes that occur with divorce such as a new .
             school, new community, and new relationships. These changes although, .
             do not occur in every home. These cause the children to become .
             frustrated and angry. Often time's one parent is seen as the "bad .
             parent", the one at fault for the divorce.

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