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Will Your Marriage Last? by Aviva Patz

            Aviva Patz writes "Will Your Marriage Last?" in which she visits with a marriage expert, Ted Huston and learns what makes or breaks a marriage in today's society. Aviva Patz has experienced divorce and a marriage that works and then she hears of Ted Huston, a professor of human ecology and psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. Ted was showcasing a study of married couples over time to try and be able to predict if a marriage will work. Giving a few strong examples on marriages that worked and didn't the author learns that she has experienced both unsuccessful and successful relationships. Unlike the common belief, we as 20th-century kids have grown up believing that the successful marriages are the "Hollywood" type love stories when partners are infatuated with each other and that love never dies. But in the real world, it is not like that, those types of marriages do not last, yes they are great for the time being but it usually fades and dies along with the relationship. Marriages that are more like a friendship with a level of intimacy are the ones that work out. When you can be yourself with that person and there not be any uncomfortable moments then that relationship is more likely to last.
             Aviva Patz has experience with failed marriages and also successful ones, so her interest in this seminar about marriages, hosted by Ted Huston, seems more personal rather than academic. The way Aviva uses her personal experiences to support the things Ted Huston says in this research paper is as I would say, perfect, the way her relationships go along with the things Huston says. When explaining what failed with her first relationship and how it was only intimacy and no real deep connection and the rushing into marriage and at that point was when the marriage went downhill. Ted Huston's example of Peter and Suzie and how they were intrigued by each other's looks and rushing into a long -term relationship without really getting to know each other and develop a true connection and Huston's example is nearly synonymous with the author Aviva Patz's first marriage.

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