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Public Transportation: Reducing Air and Noise Pollution

            Have you ever felt irritable about the traffic congestion when you are driving? The growing levels of congestion and air pollution found in many regions of the world because of the rapidly increasing number of private cars in use. Noise and air pollution have become a huge headache for people living in the cities. Imagine when you walk on the street, you smell disgusting tints of exhaust emission from various private cars. One effective measure for this issue is to encourage the use of public transportation because it really helps to significantly reduce the carbon emissions and decreasing the possibilities of noise.
             Noise and air pollution describe the environmental issues of having so much uncomfortable noise and bad air quality that may pose a threat to human's health. As humans need to breathe air every second in our life, air pollution has a very grave impact on our living quality. It has now been common that people will wear layers of masks before they go outdoors. Noise pollution create problems for our lives in an imperceptible way because noise makes us frustrated and bad-tempered, which is not good to control ourselves and may lead to bad decisions that we would have never made in quiet environments. With the improving living standards and urban development, there has been a huge increase in the private cars that run every day on the city streets. This is why we keep seeing the air and noise pollution reported in newspapers and television programs.
             A very effective solution to reduce noise and air pollution in cities is to encourage the public to take public transportations such as taking the bus and the metro. We could increase the number of public buses running on the streets or adding more metro trains per hour to meet more frequent travel needs. It has many advantages. For example, people who take public transportation can save a lot of money on gas and parking fees. People who own cars may experience the pain of paying so much for the gas and parking fees and the violation fees if any.

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