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The Persuasive Influence of Advertising

             There are so many types of advertising techniques that companies use to make you want to buy something. An advertising technique is something companies use on either television, billboards, or ads in the newspaper etc. to convince you into buying their product. Some examples of advertising techniques are bandwagon, plain folks, testimonial, and even bribery. Bandwagon is often used to advertise clothes or toys by saying that everybody has this and you should too. Presidential candidates often use plain folks advertisements to say that they are normal people just like everyone else. Cereal companies often use testimonial advertisements with famous celebrities such as sports athletes. Fast food restaurants sometimes use bribery to sell food by saying that if you buy this you will get this free. Advertising influences me and people I know by using bribery, simple solutions, and bandwagon techniques.
             Bribery is a small factor of how advertising influences me. Whenever I see a commercial that offers a buy one get one free "deal" it makes me consider purchasing the item just because I want the free object that comes with it. So many fast food chains offer these types of deals such as Burger King, Taco Bell, and McDonalds. Burger King is currently offering a free Whopper with the purchase of a Whopper. When people look at that offer they see the word free and automatically think that they need to buy whatever they need to purchase to get something free Bribery is a factor of how advertising influences me but it is not the only one.
             Another factor that influences me and people I know is simple solutions. Simple solutions is when a company says that this product will solve all of your problems. For example a makeup company might say that if you buy this makeup then you will be attractive, popular, and happy. That makeup company's advertisement is targeting teenage girls who are not popular.

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