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What Makes a Good Coach?

            Merriam Webster Dictionary defines a coach as "a person who teaches and trains the members of a sports team and makes decisions about how the team plays during games", also "a private teacher who gives someone lessons in a particular subject" (Definition of a Coach. Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster). So to lay it out, a coach trains athletes in a specific sport, make decisions, and to be a mentor, so a "good" coach would be someone who excels and goes above and beyond that specific definition (Goldberg, Allen. "SPECIAL: What Makes a Good Coach?" Competitive Advantage: Mental Toughness). It only takes the average person to be a coach, but a good coach takes someone whose patient, in shape, and logical.
             Anyone can train an athlete, but for you truly help them and give them the best training, you must have patience. Helping athletes build on their skills, and fulfilling their potential doesn't just come within an hour or two, it takes dedication. If an athlete doesn't have a certain skill, you have to work until they develop it. From an athlete's perspective, a good coach that helps work with them even when they have an off day is what really matters and holds a major key to success. If every coach just threw in the towel and gave up on athletes, we wouldn't have the legends we have today. .
             Being in shape also contributes to the definition of a good coach, and how they inspire their athletes. From an athlete's position, it's hard to want to take advice from, and have to listen to a coach when they're obese. Even if that coach was a stud back in their prime, they let it go to waste when gaining a lot of weight. When a coach has experience in a sport and is still in good health, it really inspires athletes to strive hard, and to end up like their coaches if not better. In contrast to that, not all coaches who are overweight are not credible. Some have lots of experience and plenty of knowledge to share with athletes.

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