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Balthasar's Diary: Romeo and Juliet

             I carry bad news that I wish I didn't know. I will spill the dreaded news to Romeo. I do not want to be the man to tear out Romeo's heart. It is the last thing he needs after this horrible series of events. The news I bring to thee is carried on my back and will soon burst from my mouth, spreading like a virus. As I walked into that church and saw her there, my world was brought down. Juliet lay like an angel. She and Romeo were such a great couple. Although the hatred of both families is strong, it was drowned and flooded by the flow of their love.
             What new events will unravel from this tragedy? What if Romeo refuses to believe me? .
             I feel like a nasty bug, a poisonous insect that deserves to be walked on. The guilt that I feel is overwhelming, but I have no choice. I so wish to run away and hide or erase memory.
             Balthasar's Diary.
             Act II.
             Today I am curious as to where poor Romeo is. We suspected that he would come hither. It's been a day since I've seen Romeo. For some reason he was wandering around town square today being joyful, and blessed. For I wonder what has gotten into him.
             I saw the Nurse of Juliet suspiciously talking to Romeo, I'm starting to wonder what's going on with Romeo. He used to be gloomy and unwilling. Now love looks not within his eyes, but within his mind. What's gotten into him? .
             I've heard rumours around Verona that Romeo Is seeing another women. It could possibly be true, but I can't be too sure. I'll have to eye open.
             Balthasar's Diary.
             Act III.
             Today has been full of surprises. Poor Mercutio has been slain today, followed by Tybalt. My master distinguished life in his body. Sweet sorrow has been spilt everywhere. .
             My master's love life could possibly be divided for what he has done today. I somewhat feel like he has done what some might see as revenge or murderous, but what I saw in his eyes when he'd slayed Tybalt was anger, and fulfillment. After what could've been evil, was actually sad and despaire.

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