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Diary of Romeo

             I"m sad to hear that my family got in yet another fight with the Capulets". I don't "think they will ever learn that fighting is not the way to go about solving their problems. In spite of every thing awful that has happened I have found a new love like no other. Her name is Juliet and her beauty can only be matched by the heavens. It is as if fate brought us together. Today Benvolio, Mercutio and I were walking down the street when her family's servant stopped us and asked us to read the list of invitations for the party, and because we were such nice people he invited us too. Though at the time I only agreed to go because my once fair Rosaline was going to be in attendance. When we arrived at the masquerade my eyes went straight to the fair Juliet. There was no way such a magnificent creature was going to escape the clutches of Romeo Montague! I walked over to her and began to talk silly nonsense about kissing until I finally got my way and she laid a kiss on me. I can honestly say that was one of the greatest feelings in my life, but my hopes were soon to be shattered. Her nurse walked over and informed me that she was the only daughter of my family's foe. I just about dropped dead at the news of this.
             ACT 2.
             Dear Diary,.
             I have come to the conclusion that I don't care what Juliet's last name is. I love her and I hope she feels the same way to. I decided to wander around her windowsill to make sure that she felt as strong as I do. I came up to her windowsill to be greeted by her sweet and beautiful voice. We talked of love and poetry deep into the night. I eventually told her that I cannot live without her and I purposed to her. Being deeply in love with me she accepted. We made arrangements to be wed the next day at Friar Lawrence's cell. The time finally came and sure enough she was there. Friar Lawrence not wasting any time wed us. The feeling of be married cannot be described by words only by love.

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