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A Call for Renewable Energy Sources

            Oil, gas, coal and nuclear fuels are all sources of non-renewable energy. These sources are used in everyday life to produce the energy that powers our machines and anything else that requires fuel consumption for our personal use. Even though the energy being produced is made to power the society we live in, the way it is being created is very harmful to the environment and needs to be altered into a more clean process before great damage is caused. The solution to this problem involves more all-around use of renewable resources to power the world. The country needs to look into new sources of renewable energy to prevent damage of the environment and its inhabitants.
             The term non-renewable refers to elements that will run out or not be able to replenish itself in our lifetime or many lifetimes after. Fossil fuels are the number one main source for non-renewable energy that is extracted today. The process of turning these fuels into useable energy begins by them being put into a combustion chamber to raise steam that will move the turbines of the power plant which switches on their generators that turn the mechanical energy into electrical energy. The downside to this operation is that during the combustion stage there is a release of unhealthy gases and solids that will be let out into the atmosphere, increasing air pollution and carbon emission. Some preventative measures are taken to catch the major particles let out in the process but many of them escape the screening and are let into the open air infecting the environment. The release of these extra Carbon emissions aside from the ones that occur naturally in the environment upset the balance of the Earth's gases. .
             Most of the world is currently running on non-renewable sources for the creation of their energy. Taking a look at automobiles, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency it is found that greater than half of the air pollution in the United States is caused by mobile sources which are majorly automobiles.

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