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Student Former Proposal

            The project in which I plan to propose a research question and discuss my findings on will revolve around the main idea of what a student can accomplish after learning and experiencing extracurricular clubs and activities that are relevant to the student's career path/choices. This project matters to me because it not only, it also describes the current state I'm in right now, in terms of the career choices I will be making later down my college career. I seek to find the importance of the course-related clubs as well as the importance in-class and out of class activities and how these extracurricular activities will impact/benefit a student. .
             Focus .
             The central idea that my project will hope to address is that given my experience as a CIS major and Cal Poly Pomona's hands-on learning philosophy, I'm interested in how college students in tech fields can benefit from participating in technology-related clubs. This idea is relevant to the research and ideas that I have found because it . By understanding the issues at hand, students that share a similar interest in further expanding their college experience will gain insight on the advantages of joining extracurricular activities, as well as gain further knowledge on the importance/impact on technology. However, for students that might not share a similar interest, I seek to highlight the important aspects of joining extracurricular activities, especially those that pertain to their own major, or career that they might be interested in pursuing. .
             My question intersects with the research others have done before me because not only does my research project highlight the important aspects of other research, I also create interpretations and discuss the views from other sources, identifying similarities between each other, and ultimately coming up with an interpretation. For example, I highlight two sources that I have included in my project, bring about a similarity between the two.

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