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Urban Planning for Economic Development

             Rural town planning is a key aspect of enhancing the economic partnership among the rural towns, the big urban cities and the country as a whole. The ideas that the rural town cannot promote and decide the economic status of the country have been able to dominate the areas for long. The opening of the infrastructure in these rural towns is enhanced by the rural town planning teams, and this helps to improve the economic developments. Many people tend to ignore the contribution of the rural town as part of the economic development and view the town as a burden. Nevertheless, the contribution, which is being attained due to the proper rural town planning, is great and a great participation to the economy of the concerned countries. The presence of the rural town planning enhances the building of the strengths of the industry that helps to improve the economic factors of the industry. The planning helps maintain the relation among different stakeholders (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2013). The social and economic benefits to the residents of these towns help to create an environment that transforms the economic part of the towns. Besides, the enhancement of trade between the rural towns and the other urban towns is highly attributed to the existence of the rural town planning.
             Over the past, the rural areas and towns have not been focused on areas, which can control the development and economic sustainability in a country. With the growth of the big towns and urban areas population, the focus and return of many people to small rural areas are turning to be real. These make the rural town key areas for the economic control and deciders in any country. In the past, the rural towns have been seen as areas which only odd activities take place, and their planning has not have any interests at all (Macionis & Parrillo, 2013). The change of their economic control systems makes the small and rural town planning a key element to enhance the economic development.

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