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Transit Oriented Development

            Growing environmental awareness and a renewed interest in city living, combined with the negative connotations of sprawl, has generated more interest in New Urbanism and its philosophies regarding growth and development. Transit-Oriented development, a specific New Urbanist transit village framework, prioritizes the 3-D's-density, design and diversity. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is credited with ending government-sponsored inequality in the United States but "equality in transportation has been established in name only." In urban areas in the United States, the best explanation for racial housing segregation is discrimination and prejudice against minorities.[1] Transit-Oriented Development aims to create lasting communities of mixed income, race and lifestyle and return populations to the city but must overcome discrimination and prejudice and sustain a variety of housing opportunities to avoid neighborhoods from relapsing into isolated poor enclaves scourging current cities.
             Lack of access to public and private transportation networks limits millions of people from growth civically, socially and economically.  Today consumer housing demand is very different from post World War II America. Condo sales are booming, 37% of all households want dense "modest" homes and 71% of older households want to live within walking distance of transit.[2] Postwar migration to the suburbs was not wholly based on race: "many middle-class families became suburbanites because older cities lacked the dream houses at affordable prices in good neighborhoods with good schools. Others went to the suburbs to flee high city taxes and low city politics or to live nearer new, suburban-based jobs."[3]  People had not recognized the progress of their cities, as they were becoming cleaner, safer and healthier with better transportation, housing and standards of living, and because, albeit because of indirect racial fear, whites had been displaced from the city, undeniably partially racially motivated hence the term "white flight.

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