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Secrets of the Human Brain

            4 kilogram organ that controls all functions of the body; in fact, it controls every aspect of our lives. Intelligence, creativity, emotion, and memory are a few of the many things governed by the brain. It contains one hundred billion nerve cells (neurons). All these neurons are responsible for all our movements, actions even our personality and mood, and like small impulses they transmit from our brain to any part of our body making us do or feel something. We've learned more about human brain in the last 5 years than during the 5000 years before this. And despite the fact that humanity has a huge amount of knowledge about brain the situation is still not clear. If you ask any scientist what secrets he/she has revealed about our brain, than they will probably answer that the only revealed secret is that we can never actually discover the whole power and abilities of our brain.
             Brain consists of 78% water, 15% fat, 7% protein etc. It seems really simple, doesn't it? But here comes a big contradiction. Though brain consists of this kind of plain stuff, in fact, human brain is the most complicated device in the whole universe. When we are talking about the brain, we always say " My brain" but according to the best scientists this is a huge misconception. There is absolutely no reason to consider that the brain is yours. Moreover, it is still a big question who belongs to whom, and who is the object and who is the subject. And I'll try to explain why. .
             In a special experimental study people were given a task which required some decision-making and according to the decision made the special green or red button should have been pushed. During the whole experiment people's brain was scanned and the results were fascinating. The scanning has shown that the brain has already made the decision a number of seconds ago before the button was clicked. It sounds weird and frightening. So it turns out that the brain is making the decisions before we even realize that.

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