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Humans" Tendency to Obey and Disobey Authority

            Humans" Tendency to Obey and Disobey Authority.
             From the time we are born it is in our human nature to want something we can have. Humans" will disobey authority when we think that disobeying will have a greater benefit for us and we think we can get away with it. But, it's humans" tendency to obey authority when we have too, cause we feel there is no way out of obeying or feel intimidated by the authority figure. It's Humans" tendency to obey authority when they have too and disobey authority when they can get away with it. For the most part people will decide to obey or disobey depending on which one will provide the most benefits.
             At a young age we are taught to be obedient. We are punished if we do not do what our parents say. This is so parents can keep control of their children. Children are not mature enough to make their own decisions so we have someone else do it for them. Children are not capable of making decisions for their futures. They make all decisions based on what they want at the time. When a child becomes maturer, hopefully he will have the ability to make his own decisions and not rely on a parent. A child's parents make decisions they hope the child will make in the future. They are essentially teaching the children how to make decisions. As the child becomes older and become teenagers they start to disobey their parents. When a teenager's parents tell them they are not allowed to do something, they will probably do or try to do it when their parent's backs are turned. For example, say a teenager walks into a music store to buy a CD. The CD the teenager wants to buy has two versions. The first one has a Parental Advisory sticker on it cause of the CD's explicit content. The second is the same CD, but this one has had the explicit content edited out of the CD. What do you think the teenager is going to buy? Most teenagers will buy the first one with the explicit content, cause they want something they are not supposed to have.

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