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Searching for a Sucker

             The article I read is from a local newspaper The Baltimore Sun. It is titled Searching for Suckers and was found in the editorial section on the internet. This article was published on January 27, 2003 and urges you to be careful of internet scams. My mission is make you see the opinion of the unknown author as well as my own.
             The unknown author of this article feels that common have come and gone through many decades of the American History. As early as 1920 Americans have been lying and cheating to their fellow Americans to gain more wealth. As stated in the article "confederates combed through the Midwest, conning tens of thousands of gullible people in to believing they could share in the fortune of Sir Francis Drake." Today many con-artists show up on the internet as opposed to the great Midwest according to this author. These people will send you emails saying that they have much money to give through prizes, inheritances, etc. All they need from you is y our banking information. The author is surprised by how many people are being defrauded. The intensely warn the internet users to be wary of all unknown emails and to not "be a sucker".
             Although these are deceiving individuals taking innocent people's money it is their responsibility to be educated about who they are giving their private financial information to. I feel that the people being taken advantage of by these internet scams have only themselves to blame. Although it is wrong that people are doing this we need to be responsible for ourselves. Be wary, be smart, and be educated and you will not fall into the clutches of these internet con-artists. .
             There are many points of view to this important topic. The purpose of my paper was to introduce you to two points, the author and my own.

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