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Propps narrative

             Validimir Propp was a russian formalist (a group of russian film theorists, that studied films in terms of properties, structure and systems) he studied hundreds of films and one perticular kind, "the folk tale" which he called "Heroic Wandertale". He concluded that all the folk tales he studied share elements of structure which can be reduced to 31 functions. While individual tales may omit any number of functions which are present will always occur in the specified sequence, for instance Function 6 will always precede function 11. Propp also devised 8 different character roles, which he named "Spheres of Action" (e.g. Hero, Princess).
             The Film in which I choose to apply Propp's narrative to is: "Almost Famous". This film Does not stick to Propp's narrative functions religiously but we still see the underlying of Propp's theory running through spine of the film. In the film we see a young music fan's coming of age, 16 year old William miller takes the role of hero. He sends numerous articles to his hero, Lester Bangs, editor of "Cream" magazine (a rock mag). Some which make their way to the editor of Rolling Stone magazine, Ben Vontouray, Ben likes what he see and phones up our hero (william) with the intention of getting him to write something for his magazine. William puts on a mature mans voice and suggests a he does a write up on "Stillwater" a band thats getting more popular, that he just happened to meet the night before. Its agreed that he will follow them on tour, with all expenses paid. When William begins touring with the Band he meets lengendary band-aid "Penny Lane" who has a complex past relationship with the guitarist Russel Hammond, and who William soon becomes infatuated with.
             In Propp's "spheres of action" william would take the role as Hero, embarking on a quest. His friend the journalist Lester bangs takes Propp's role of "The Doner" it could also be argued that the guitarist Russell takes this role, but Lester is the most obvious, He gives William (the hero) essential advice and helps him on his quest.

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