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The 13th President

             Friday the 13th is considered by many as an unlucky day. Most hotels do not include the number 13 because no one may want to occupy that floor. The name of thirteenth president of the Philippines has thirteen letters and he is considered as the most unlucky leader of the country. He was humiliated, taunted, mocked, and forced to stepped down. Poor Mr. "Erap." He was the only president who was ousted by force. All of his cabinet members left him when he needed them most. That only shows that they were and are and will not be worth trusted whoever the president is.
             He was accused of violating a number of criminal cases which were linked to "graft and corruption" as what most of the past presidents of the Philippines did. Hah! He was the most despised leader of the country though he was not the only one who abused his power. Was he the worst of them all? I don't think so. In fact, he was just a college drop-out! And I think this was the real reason why his subordinates despised him. .
             They could not accept the reality that Joseph Estrada, a college drop-out, could reach the highest position in the country while they, bar topnotchers, with doctorate degrees, were just his subordinates and no matter how hard thy try they would and will never attain that much coveted position.
             Jealousy, envy, and pride drove these people to strip him of his ofice. It didn't take ordinary civialians; it took bar topnotchers to topple just a college drop-out!.

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