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John Lock and Thomas Hobbes

            The same year the Spanish Armada threatened england a great philosopher came into this world. He was born in London, England, in 1588 and goes by the name of Thomas Hobbes. Shortly thereafter in 1632 another philospher that deserves great recognition came to life. Born in Bristol, England, he was called John Locke. These two figures of history both recieved there education at Oxford University in England. Although they attended the same college their views contrast one anothers quite sufficiently.
             First of all, I will clarify what these two men believed was the purpose of government. Locke suggests that a government is meant to protect the right of life, the right to freedom, and the right to property. What he means by this is that government is meant to ensure the life of the people and let them do what they want and own property. Hobbes ideas of the purpose of government is somewhat similar. He says that its sole reason for existence is for the safety of the people. But their feelings about the individuals are considerably different.
             Furthermore, I shall discuss what these philosophers felt about the rights of individuals. John Locke believed that everyone including women had a say in the government. He thought that people existed as individuals before societies and governments came into being. They each possessed certain rights, and all had the freedom to do as they pleased. Thomas Hobbes on the other hand assumed that humans were devious devils that would do what ever they could in their power to make life better for themselves. He therefore inferred that mankind could not be trusted. .
             Finally, the organization of government will be distinguished. John Locke believes that the best form of government is the democracy. He does not believe that god chose a gamily to rule certain countries. So he does not believe in the Divine Right. Hobbes presumes that democracy would never work. He strongly believes in the Divine Right which is the belief that god chooses the leader of the country.

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